The Hideout of Pablo Escobar

4-7 Players
60 Minutes
99 Price

It is 1989… Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian trafficker at the head of the Medellin cartel, has become one of the most powerful drug barons.

His business supplies more than 80% of the drugs in the United States… A flourishing business that allows him to become the richest criminal in history.

You are the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and your mission will be to foil the plans of Pablo Escobar.

Find his trade routes, his agents known as Sicarios, the recipes for his products…

You’ve found the location of one of his loyal right-hand women, Victoria Clara DELA VASQUEZ, , so dig in and find out all the important facts to bring down El Patron.

Our agents on the tail say you’ll only have 60 minutes before Victoria goes back to her room…. Do you think you can handle this mission?

Good Luck !

The Hideout of Pablo Escobar