The Mystery of Elliot

4-7 Players
60 Minutes
99 Price

Against a backdrop of a worrying disappearance, secrets, booby-trapped furniture, shrewd and complex mechanisms, this Escape Room will lead you to the very heart of a renowned creator/designer’s workshop.

In no more than one hour, you will be the actors in a veritable espionage scenario where the shadow cast by one of the most famous secret agents looms large.

Elliot, 007’s best friend, has disappeared without trace.

  • Why has this carpenter’s son, a genuine wood and technology enthusiast and graduate of the prestigious Wattford School, suddenly disappeared?
  • Is he in hiding, has he been kidnapped or is it a settling of scores?
  • And who really is Elliot?
  • A simple designer?
  • A genuine friend?
  • A traitor?
  • A member of a secret organisation?
  • A double agent?

007 urgently needs your help! He is away on a mission abroad and if he becomes involved it will blow his cover! There is no choice. It is up to you to take on this important assignment: finding Elliot!

To start, you must search all the nooks and crannies of Elliot’s workshop. If there are any clues, they are bound to be there. But be careful! Elliot knows all the tips and tricks of the best secret agents.

So be on your guard! What might appear simple can prove to be very complex. What might seem obvious may not be clear at all! Each apparently mundane object may actually be a treasure trove of relevant information for your mission!

You must therefore constantly be on the lookout, dissect each message, analyse every mechanism, solve all the riddles, find out the tricks, avoid any traps and especially combine the skills of reasoning, deduction and analysis that each of you possesses in order to succeed in your mission!

Elliot is somewhere… Each minute counts and you only have 60 of them!

Good luck.

Agent 007 needs your help! His best friend is missing and time is running short… Between secret messages and Machiavellian traps, will you manage to solve the mystery of Elliot?