Panic on board STORM II

4-6 Players
60 Minutes
99 Price

For no more than one hour, you will be actors in a genuine catastrophe scenario that will lead you into the depths of a sinking submarine. Stress and panic will be your companions, but you must keep your self-control to accomplish the heroic act that all the crew is expecting from you.

After an intense and tough several hour long battle against the enemy, total chaos reigns on board Storm II. Anti-torpedo countermeasures have succeeded, sending the enemy missiles off course. The hull seems to be intact, but the engines have stopped working and it is absolutely essential to get the submarine away from there! However, the crew is not responding…

Rendered unconscious or injured by the ceaseless buffeting due to the explosions from the enemy’s heavy fire, the crew and command of the Storm II are unable to help you. You have no choice: it is all up to you!

To begin with, it is essential to get the engines started again and especially to work out your current position. Once you have done that, you should be able to calculate a means of retreat, to bring Storm II into a safe and protected allied zone. Once you are certain that the vessel is out of danger, you will carry out the manoeuvres necessary to rise to the surface and then evacuate the entire crew from the submarine.

You will be underwater for the entire mission. To have any chance of succeeding, you must constantly remain focused, resist the stress caused by the constant noise and withstand the panic that the lack of oxygen will inevitably bring about!

The Storm II is in distress… Each minute counts and you only have 60 of them!

Good luck!

The entire crew is counting on you! The Storm II is in a dreadful state... With the rest of the crew all seriously injured, the captain only has you to save everyone from this disastrous situation! Will you be able to prevent them all from drowning? You have 60 minutes and no more…