Engineer Mills’ cellar

8-14 Players
90 Minutes
275 Price

According to this legend, which perhaps is not really one at all, at the time when the factory was closed, Dr Mills shut himself away in the basement, which in that era was a veritable labyrinth. He was the engineer in charge of recipes for the paper mix, a mundane task which he found very boring. Dr Mills was said to shut himself away every day in the cellars where he is supposed to have carried out very strange and even frightening experiments, in a suspiciously secret and wary manner…

Persuaded that such stories were fanciful and imaginary, people paid little attention to them and forgot little-by-little what they considered to be absurdities. The entrances to the various cellars were blocked off and nobody has been in since.

However, recently several people have come forward as witnesses to unexplained disappearances on the Intermills site. Following various rehabilitation works on the site, an entrance to the cellars was uncovered and the few inquisitive minds who ventured in there have never re-emerged… These same witnesses maintain that they heard sickening howls and frightening screams… The rumour is starting to run wild: it is Dr Mills… and his horrible experiments… it must be him!

However, to date, no investigation or search for explanations has been conclusive and the management of Intermills have no choice, in order to stop these disappearances, but to block off this gateway to hell once again!

However, perhaps you, by forming an exploration group made up exclusively of adults, will be capable of discovering what Dr Mills has been up to? Will you be able to uncover the horrible mysteries hidden in the depths of the Intermills site?

You will be alone, with no outside help, neither from the Intermills management, nor the authorities, nor ANYBODY…

Will you be able to find the courage to enter these cellars into which nobody wants to go anymore? More importantly, will you make it back out…?

30th August 2013 was an important date for the Intermills site, the day on which the paper-works’ old chimney was demolished. However, little is known about the strange disappearance of Dr Mills, or perhaps some people wanted to hide it.