The Two-in-One Affair

4-6 Players
60 Minutes
99 Price

Against a backdrop of a murder, a worrying disappearance, secrets that cannot be revealed and questions of identity, this Escape Room will take you through the intricacies of a complex crime scene for no more than one hour. You will be the protagonists in a genuine police investigation where the shadow cast by one of the world’s most famous detectives looms large.

In the beginning, it all seemed so simple for Inspector Columbo: the easily exploitable clues should have swiftly revealed the name of the murderer and a simple autopsy should have made it possible to determine the cause of death and victim’s identity. A routine case…

However, the day after the murder, several grey areas concerning the victim’s life left Inspector Colombo facing a much more complicated case than it had seemed.

  • What is the exact identity of the victim, who was leading a double life?
  • Is at least one of the victim’s identities his true one?
  • What was this double life hiding?
  • Is it directly linked to his murder?

Persuaded that this is how we will solve this case, the inspector decided to focus his investigations on the secrets surrounding the ultimately complex life of the victim.

Yet, in a dramatic turn of events two days after the murder, there is no trace of Inspector Columbo…

Is his disappearance a result of his investigations? Might he have discovered something incriminating? It is up to you to find him

Inspector Columbo has left his notes somewhere and you have to find them to carry on the investigations! Autopsy results, cross-referencing information and analysing clues should help you to discover the real murderer and especially find Inspector Columbo!

Will you be up to the task? Hurry… every minute counts and you only have 60 of them!

Good luck!

At first glance, it is a simple murder… The investigation should soon be solved by Inspector Columbo.